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AR 2738 – April 15 and 16, 2019

Posted in ASTRO on April 16, 2019 by maxpho

A lovely large sunspot is evolving on the Sun these days, with currently B-class flares and a possible breakup. The views below show the spot in white light and H-alpha. Note the chromosphere in the animation as it stands above the photosphere.

Bresser 150mm achromat refractor, Quark Chromosphere for H-alpha, Lacerta Herschel prism for white light. ASI 174MM. Poor seeing as the Sun was about 35-40 degrees above horizon.

April 15:




White light:

white light.jpg

April 16:


Comparison of April 15 and 16 H-alpha views:

AR2738 two days.jpg


AR2736 – H-alpha images – March 23, 2019

Posted in ASTRO on March 24, 2019 by maxpho

A new shot of AR 2736 preparing for departure. Still a lot of activity, but it seems that it is fading compared to yesterday.

150mm Achromat, Quark H alpha filter, ASI 174MM. Seeing 4/10.

11 47 ut march 23 2019.jpg

11 47 ut march 23 2019 bw.jpg

AR2736 – H-alpha images – March 22, 2019

Posted in ASTRO on March 22, 2019 by maxpho

My first H-alpha solar image of 2019, and a superb subject: a very fast growing sunspot group, designated AR2736. A source of C-class flares. And a joy to observe the fast changing chromosphere inside this group. a lot of Ellerman bombs are also detectable in the image.

Equip: 150mm achromat, Quark Chromosphere, ASI 174MM. Seeing 4-6/10.

March 222019 at 1031ut.jpg

March 222019 at 1031ut BW.jpg

An animation from 10:16 UT to 10:32 UT:



High resolution lunar images – March17, 2019

Posted in ASTRO on March 20, 2019 by maxpho

A few images acquired under some very poor seeing conditions. However, the use of the IR-pass filter helped a lot. So much that one of the smallest details imaged is under 500 meters!

Equipment: 355mm Newton, ASI 174MM, Baader IR-pass filter. Seeing 4-5/10 (in Red).

Gassendi wide.jpg

Gassendi rimae.jpg

double rimae.jpg



Moon craters – March 15, 2019

Posted in ASTRO on March 16, 2019 by maxpho

This must have been my shortest lunar imaging session ever. Almost 25 minutes, until the very fast forming clouds rolled in. No time for proper cool off for the mirror, and the seeing was quite poor also. Nothing notable in these images in terms of resolution, but the striking bright limb of Copernicus on the terminator deserves a post.

Equipment: 355mm Newton, ASI 174MM, Red filter. Seeing 5-6/10.

Copernicus area.jpg





A moon, a cluster and three nebulae – March 10, 2019

Posted in ASTRO on March 13, 2019 by maxpho

An imaging session with two celestial objects. The first one: the Moon.

Hanging at around 30 degrees above the horizon, in a very turbulent atmosphere. Nevertheless, a lovely view through the scope at any magnification. Equipment: 115mm F/7 APO, 2.7X Barlow lens, ASI174MM with red filter. Seeing 3-4/10.


The second imaged object from this session, the open cluster Messier 46. Along this cluster, a few other objects are present in the image: a couple planetary nebulae, and one protoplanetary nebula. Equipment: 115mm F/7 APO, ASI1600MMC. 105x15sec exposures.

m 46 medium.jpg

And a detail image with the three identified nebulae (at 150% size):


Perigee Moon – February 19, 2019

Posted in ASTRO on February 20, 2019 by maxpho

A wonderful Moon at perigee. Big, bright, and steady; that is, in good seeing conditions.

Equipment: 200mm Newtonian, Baader MPCC, ASI1600MMC, Baader RGB filters, Baader IR-pass filter for luminance.



And a smaller version: