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H-alpha Sun – August 27, 2018

Posted in ASTRO on August 27, 2018 by maxpho

Some nice activity on the Sun today, including one fairly large protuberance.






Mars Opposition 2018

Posted in ASTRO on August 26, 2018 by maxpho

I’ve decided to place most of my images of the Red Planet onto a single canvas. It just might happen that the image from August 25 might be my last of this opposition, so a retrospective of the opposition was in place. The great dust storm that had a global effect on Mars, changed a lot some albedo features, and this is apparent in the first and last shots of the sequence, with Solis Lacus changing the appearance dramatically.

I’ve selected only the infrared images, since the RGB sequences were too different and poor in quality. Despite the low altitude of the planet, the July 28 session was trully memorable, with excellent seeing higher in the sky, and good for 20 degrees; thus a lot of details are detectable in the July 28 image, including the Valles Marineris canyon.

For the 2020 opposition, Mars will much better positioned in the sky for my location, so I must wait for a couple more years if I want some high resolution on the Red Planet…

Mars opposition2018.jpg

H-alpha Sun – August 25, 2018

Posted in ASTRO on August 25, 2018 by maxpho

Some H-alpha activity today on the Sun, with two sunspot groups, one of which is rapidly evolving.

ar 27202719.jpg

And a 15 minutes animation, showing some interesting plasma arcs trying to connect:


H-alpha Sun – August 24, 2018

Posted in ASTRO on August 24, 2018 by maxpho

A brief solar session under OK seeing conditions…

A complex looking prominence is seen.

Equipment: 150mm F/5 homemade refractor, Quark H alpha filter, Baader ERF 50mm, ASI 174MM.



A comparison of the H-alpha and the white light views, showing the two small sunspot groups visible on the Sun today:

h alpha vs white light.jpg


Mars – August 21, 2018

Posted in ASTRO on August 24, 2018 by maxpho

Mars under good seeing conditions for the altitude. Some nice details are observed, including Olympus Mons. The storm is definitely over in this region, at least in the IR part of the spectrum.


And a short animation:



The Moon at 20 degrees of altitude – August 21, 2018

Posted in ASTRO on August 23, 2018 by maxpho

I have not imaged the Moon since May…and I was missing that lovely imager’s feeling when you focus the scope on a superb near-termiantor detail and the seeing is fantastic…

Well, on August 21 the seeing was fantastic but the Moon was at around 20 degrees of altitude. Nevertheless I was determined to image some lunar craters. And, despite the very low altitude of our satellite, some interesting details are detectable on the image below.

Equipment: 355mm Newton, ASI 174MM, Red filter. Seeing for the Moon: 3-4/10 (but at 20 degrees that is pretty much fantastic!).


ISS solar transit – August 22, 2018

Posted in ASTRO on August 22, 2018 by maxpho

Another solar transit occurred today. I was very lucky to image the ISS during a small opening in the clouds. The seeing was not great but the solar granulation is discernible, as are a few structural details of the Station. Note also the small sunspot. The inset on the sequence image is made from staking all the frames acquired with the ISS. A single processed frame is also shown. Prediction of the transit via Calsky.

ISS solar transit August 222018.jpg

single frame.jpg