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AR 2674 – August 31, 2017

Posted in ASTRO on August 31, 2017 by maxpho

Sunspot group 2674 is moving to a better viewing position each day.

The following images were acquired using the “alphatonian” in mostly poor seeing conditions. I’m still waiting for great seeing…

ar 2674 wl.jpg

ar 2674.jpg


Alphatonian – August 30, 2017

Posted in ASTRO on August 30, 2017 by maxpho

From time to time I try to make some changes to my telescopes, and on rare occasions I also try something possible dangerous.

“Today was a good day for Science”- this was my motto when I got out with my homemade Newtonian reflector, trying to capture some H-alpha solar images.

So, after some experiments (timing, temperature, mechanics, distances) I finally got one usable shot, despite the clouds and very poor seeing conditions. For next time, I hope for better seeing, since the potential of this new setup is very high. And, since the new scope will perhaps be my partner for many H-alpha sessions, I had to nickname it…ALPHATONIAN is the name 🙂


And some other images of the new sunspot group:


15 00 ut.jpg

Moon – August 27, 2017

Posted in ASTRO on August 28, 2017 by maxpho

It’s been so long since I’ve last imaged the Moon…

Despite the very low altitude of the Moon above the horizon, I’ve decided to go out for a short imaging session with the 8 inch homemade Newtonian. This is the result:

moon august 27.jpg

Another shot of Theophilus area:


And since Saturn was around, at a very low altitude…

Saturn and Moons.jpg

H-alpha solar images – August 27, 2017

Posted in ASTRO on August 27, 2017 by maxpho

A few “hydrogen pics” from August 27 under average seeing conditions. Some nice proms visible, and two active regions.

ar 2671 aug 27 12 02 ut.jpg

ar 2671 aug 27.jpg

prom aug 27.jpg

faint prom 12 19 ut.jpg


And a short animation of one faint suspended prom:

prot anim.gif

ISS solar transit in H-alpha

Posted in ASTRO on August 27, 2017 by maxpho

For some time now I’ve wanted to acquire images of the ISS transiting the Sun in H-alpha. Now I’ve finally took a chance and set up together with my wife the H-alpha imaging gear for just such an event. Unfortunately at the moment of the transit a “strong disturbance hit the Sun’s disk”, and made focusing almost impossible. So, only a poor image sequence was acquired. A few minutes later the seeing was quite good, but it was of course a bit too late…

ISS h alpha transit.jpg

Meanwhile, my wife was observing the Sun using eyepiece projection on a 127mm Maksutov telescope:


Partial lunar eclipse of August 7, 2017

Posted in ASTRO on August 20, 2017 by maxpho

Just found this shot from August 7, during my holiday in Croatia. It shows a partial lunar eclipse. Too bad I did not have any astronomical gear with me…

This shot was done with a 100mm lens on a Canon DSLR.

Lunar eclipse.jpg

H alpha Sun – August 20, 2017

Posted in ASTRO on August 20, 2017 by maxpho

Some H-alpha shots from today’s session, with two active regions displaying lots of interesting details. Poor seeing, as the temperature was a bit too high…(I couldn’t get to the imaging location sooner).

TS 115mm F/7 APO Refractor, Quark H alpha filter, ASI 174MM.

AR 2671:

8 45 ut bw.jpg

8 45 ut color.jpg

And a white light image, under very poor conditions:

8 03 ut.jpg

AR 2672 (possible name, as it is not yet numbered):

8 25 ut copy 2.jpg

And a comparison with an overexposed image, showing just how much activity is in the area:

8 25 ut overexposed.jpg