New active region – August30, 2016

A new very active region is coming into view today. It might give us some nice events like small flares, so it must be monitored.

Equipment: TS 115mm F/7 APO Refractor, Quark Chromosphere, Baader UV/IR cut filter, ASI 174MM camera. Seeing: 7/10.



To put things in perspective a bit, an image of today’s small eruption and Earth at the same scale:


A sequence depicting the rapid-changing phenomena around the new active region:

2585 evolution.jpg

And a short 68 frame animation presenting the activity of this region for a period of almost 50 minutes (09:33-10:22 U.T.):


And a “all-in-one” image, better showing the magnetic field lines detectable from the plasma moving along them:



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