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Snakes, butterflies, birds and places

Posted in Concedii, Specii rare on July 29, 2016 by maxpho

Long time since my last post…

For the last two months (June-July) I’ve been very busy exploring places and finding new species, and not photographing as much as I would have liked. Nevertheless, here are some shots.

First, some shots from the Retezat Mountains:

Bucura Lake at an altitude of 2040 m:

pano buc.jpg

-A remote location with plenty of rare butterfly species:

Pano Ret.jpg

-The Retezat mountains in the morning, as seen from some distance:

pano mountains Ret.jpg

-The Moon and some flowers, from 2000 meters above sea level; our natural satellite doesn’t seem larger from that altitude unfortunately :). The shot is a composition from two differently focused images.

Moon 2.jpg

-And an inspiring location, the Sarmizegetusa Regia capital:




And now for some butterflies:

Apatura iris:

apatura iris 1.jpg

apatura iris 2.jpg

apatura iris 3.jpg

Aglais urticae (a female with open wings, laying eggs, and the eggs):



oua aglais.jpg

Neptis rivularis:

neptis 3.jpg

neptis 2.jpg

neptis 1.jpg

Limenitis populi (with an “old” female up in a tree photographed by my wife, and a male on a dead frog; both male and female are of the form tremulae):

populi eli.jpg

populi 2.jpg

And some shots from the Cheile Nerei area:

Argynnis paphia:


Heteropterus morpheus:

hesperid 1.jpg

Polygonia c-album:

poly c album.jpg

Pieris napi:

pieris NAPI 2.jpg

pieris 1.jpg

And some snakes:

Zamenis longissimus:

herp 3.jpg

herp 1.jpg

herp 2.jpg

-The horned viper (Vipera ammodytes ammodytes):

corn 5.jpg

corn 1.jpg

corn 2.jpg

corn 3.jpg

And a large beetle, Carabus gigas:



Finally, the last visited region, Dobrogea, with the superb area of the Macin mountains:


macin 1.jpg

macin 2.jpg

A White Stork (Ciconia ciconia):

barza 1.jpg

barza 2.jpg

A young Cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo):

cormoran 1.jpg

cormoran 2.jpg

cormoran 3.jpg

Eudia (Saturnia) pavonia larva:


And one of the most restricted butterflies of Europe, Apatura metis. Despite being restricted to a few locations in Romania, this individual was one of more than 80+ individuals flying around us in one small area near the Danube river.

apatura metis 2.jpg

And with slightly opened wings, next to a dead frog:

apatura metis 1.jpg

Nice way (this last species) to end the holiday (for now) 🙂