The Moon on Christmas day – December 25, 2014

In contrast with the previous day, when I had the luck of very clear skies, on Christmas day a cirrus cloud front coming from the west made my plans for imaging the Moon…worth nothing.

Still, using again the HDR method for getting both the very bright and the not so bright parts of the Moon in the same image, I’ve managed to get a combined shot showing both the Earthsine and Sun-illuminated part of the Moon glowing through some thin cirrus clouds. There is a halo (corona) enveloping the illuminated part of the Moon; this effect is due to refraction, reflection and dispersion of the light by the ice crystals in the clouds.

Halo MoonThe image was acquired using the same equipment as for the December 24th image.

And an image of the Sun-illuminated part of the Moon, this time acquired using a 2x TeleVue Powermate, and around 70 frames:

Luna 2xMax


4 Responses to “The Moon on Christmas day – December 25, 2014”

  1. nevermind Says:

    u brilliant, u have no rest:)) very nice pic and work

  2. Sa fii la fel de neobosit si in 2015! La multi ani tie si echipei!

    • Multumim pentru urarea originala! Sper sa fie intr-adevar asa, si sa am timp si spor mai mult in 2015 fata de 2014. La multi ani si din partea mea si a echipei!

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