Partial lunar eclipse of August 7, 2017

Posted in ASTRO on August 20, 2017 by maxpho

Just found this shot from August 7, during my holiday in Croatia. It shows a partial lunar eclipse. Too bad I did not have any astronomical gear with me…

This shot was done with a 100mm lens on a Canon DSLR.

Lunar eclipse.jpg

H alpha Sun – August 20, 2017

Posted in ASTRO on August 20, 2017 by maxpho

Some H-alpha shots from today’s session, with two active regions displaying lots of interesting details. Poor seeing, as the temperature was a bit too high…(I couldn’t get to the imaging location sooner).

TS 115mm F/7 APO Refractor, Quark H alpha filter, ASI 174MM.

AR 2671:

8 45 ut bw.jpg

8 45 ut color.jpg

And a white light image, under very poor conditions:

8 03 ut.jpg

AR 2672 (possible name, as it is not yet numbered):

8 25 ut copy 2.jpg

And a comparison with an overexposed image, showing just how much activity is in the area:

8 25 ut overexposed.jpg

Solar eruption – August 19, 2017

Posted in ASTRO on August 19, 2017 by maxpho

A new very active region is on the verge to expose itself. At the moment it is just over the horizon, on the solar limb. Luckily, I was imaging it just at the right moment, when the AR released a not so small eruption.

At one moment the eruption looked like the infinity sign:


And now the animation of the eruption, which shows the event compressed from one hour to about four seconds:

solar eruption aug 19.gif

And the sequence of the event, both in grayscale, and color:

solar eruption sequence bw.jpg

solar eruption sequence color.jpg

ISS solar transit – August 16, 2017

Posted in ASTRO on August 16, 2017 by maxpho

Another ISS transit over the Sun. This time at a better elevation, and a much larger apparent size of the ISS. A lot of luck for this transit, since only seconds after the event, some clouds rolled in and covered the Sun. The seeing was poor, but some nice structural details of the Station are visible. Also, a new sunspot groups is visible.

Equipment is mentioned on the images.


ISS transit in color.jpg

And a single frame, only a bit processed:


Sunspot group 2665 – July 11, 2017

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After some time (ages actually) of “astro-inactivity” I’m slowly trying to get back at it…

After the lucky ISS transit in the morning, I’ve spared two hours for some solar imaging. A lovely giant was present on the Sun, so a few quick shots were obligatory 🙂

The setup: TS APO 114mm, F/7, with the ASI 174MM camera. The Herschel wedge for White Light, and the Quark Chromosphere for H-alpha. Good seeing.

A comparison shot:

AR 2665.jpg

The White Light:

AR 2665 WL.jpg

Some H-alpha:

AR 2665 H ALPHA BW 7 19 UT.jpg

AR 2665 H ALPHA COLOR 7 19 UT.jpg


ISS and a sunspot

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A lucky transit of the ISS occurred over my home. Only a fast setup of the astro gear was required for this event.

The large AR 2665 sunspot group added the already interesting view.

Equipment: 127mm Maksutov, full aperture solar filter, H-alpha 35nm filter, ASI 174 MM camera.

iss bw maximilian july 11.jpg

iss color maximilian july 11.jpg

Hyles hippophaes – May 12, 2017

Posted in Specii rare on May 12, 2017 by maxpho

After a very long period of inactivity on this blog, I’m finally posting some new shots. Not “astro” ones, but Nature-related ones.

The following shots are of a hawk moth (Fam. Sphingidae), Hyles hippophaes (Esper, 1789). This species is threatened by human activity, as many other insect species. In Romania it occurs mainly in Dobrogea, but can occasionally be found further to the west. 

The larva was found in August 2016, and the adult emerged in May 2017. The moth is active at night, and is attracted to artificial light.